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Tips For Having A Masonry Contractor Handle Your Next Big Project

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Hiring a masonry professional for your household will help you accomplish several projects that add value and longevity. Masonry pros work with bricks and other materials for building projects. If you are a homeowner looking to invest in the work that a masonry professional can offer, start with the following points. 

Consider a masonry wall project to make your project durable and sophisticated

You stand to gain a lot when you bring in professionals to assist you with your home structure. A masonry wall project adds another degree of durability to your house. Masonry walls are useful at mitigating fires. 27 percent of fires in a recent study affected residences. Outfitting your home with a retrofit masonry wall or building your new home with a masonry wall can help keep these fires at bay and potentially save lives. 

Masonry walls are made with non-combustible materials that are also resistant to rot. What's more, you don't have to worry about pest infestations with these materials. Building a masonry wall makes your property more effective than ever.

Handle your fireplace and chimney service

People tend to associated masonry work with fireplaces and chimneys more than nearly anything else. A fireplace is a fixture that so many people want to own because it offers you lots of warmth and is a highly aesthetically pleasing fixture. Setting up a new fireplace can cost you between about $1,230 and $2,500. Masonry will replace chipping or cracked bricks from your chimney as well. This allows you to improve your exhaust system and will make certain that your fireplace operates cleaner.

Fireplaces are beautifully accented by crown molding. This makes excellent use of space and adds layers and character to your room. You can also add crown molding to create an incredible finish for your fireplace. Installing crown molding can cost you between about $4 per square foot and $8 per square foot. 

Have a masonry contractor address your outdoor fixtures

Think about how masonry service affects your landscape property as well. Having a retaining wall supports your property and prevents runoff and erosion. This adds to the longevity of your property itself, and you'll have a decorative fixture in your yard space. Buying a retaining wall can cost you between about $3,195 and $8,426. 

Reach out to a masonry contractor if you're interested in these or any other masonry project for your home or other property.