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5 Practical Ideas For A Custom Home Build

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When planning custom homes, folks often fixate on the big ideas. Although it's fun to think about huge architectural features or where to put in a pool, working with custom home builders is a chance to get the practical things right, too. Here are 5 ideas you may want to incorporate into your dream house.

More Power

In modern life, it never seems like there's a power outlet where you need one. Well, you're designing the house, and you can say where there should be outlets. In fact, you can have the contractors run conduits outside to provide receptacles everywhere you require them. Add outlets to the bathroom and kitchen, too. Simply put, picture every place that ever frustrated you and think about how to fix the problem in your new residence.

You may also want to look at going bigger with your power options. Charging stations can be installed for electric and hybrid cars. 220V power can be supplied to provide power to more fun tools, too.

Built-In Features

Planning a custom house means you can incorporate built-in features. If you want to install a laundry chute, for example, that's an option. Think your bathroom could use a storage closet for cleaning items? That can be done.

Let There Be Light

If you've ever been in a home where light barely reached more than a few feet from the windows, this is your opportunity to right the wrongs. Plan hallways in a manner that encourages light to shine through. You also can use fiber optic systems to transmit sunlight from rooftop collectors to deeper parts of your home. Even installing a few big mirrors can help light bounce into the recesses of a long hallway.

The Not-So-Secret Life of Pets

Animal lovers know that one of the challenges of fitting bets into their home lives is having a place for their furry friends' stuff. Setting aside a pet room means you can place litter boxes in more sanitary locations. Dry food can also be stocked in secure closets, preventing your pets from digging into bags.

Pre-Wired Security and Computer Networking

Before the drywall goes up, there's a chance to run all the wiring you need. If you want a home security system installed, this can make it a lot easier to hide the ugly bits. Likewise, receptacles can be installed for home network cables, allowing you to place Wi-Fi systems closer to where they'll actually be used.