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3 Ideas For Creating A Custom Garage Space

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Your garage can be more than a place for you to store your vehicle. Your garage can be a functional and useful space that does more than just hold a car. You can design your garage into a multipurpose space.

Auto Or Wood Workshop

If you like to work on your vehicle or get creative with wood or metal, or you just like to be able to fix things that break around your home, you can turn your garage into a workshop. Or, alternatively, you can create a workshop area in your garage.

To create a workshop area, you need to think about the types of tools you have to store. Then, you are going to want to build storage to support those types of tools. Perhaps you need lots of wall space to hang up your tools, or maybe you need larger drawers to put your tools in, or shelves to place items.

You are also going to need a workspace. Think about how much space you need for an average project and give yourself a little bigger workspace. As you design your work area, you can put it up against a wall to save space, or you can set it up more like an island in a kitchen. An island-inspired work area will allow you to move around the table and get at your project from multiple angles, but it will take up more space.

Game Room

You can have a little fun with your garage space and turn part of your garage into a game room. A garage-based game room can be a great way to get out of the house in the winter without going outside in the cold.

You can put up a dartboard on the wall. You can set up a pool table, table tennis table, or a foosball table. You could set up an indoor horseshoe pit. You could also add a table just for playing board games and install a cabinet with some board games in it.

Having a garage-based game room can be a great way to inject some fun into the space.

Extra Living Space

A garage doesn't have to be just one story. You can design a two-story garage and use that extra overhead space and turn it into some extra living space. You can make the living space into a spare room, or you can turn it into a full-on mini living space with bathroom and minor kitchen amenities and rent it out for extra money.

Your garage doesn't just have to be for storing vehicles. As you design your new garage space, turn it into a functional space where you can pursue hobbies, have fun, and maybe even gain a little extra living space. Call custom garage builders in your area for more information.