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Getting A Metal Roof? Be Sure To Get The Right Color With These Tips

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Have you decided to get a metal roof for your home or business due to the minimal maintenance and increased durability that these sorts of roofs offer? If so, you'll now need to make a decision on what style of a metal roof to get. With there being so many options in terms of color, it will help you to follow these tips in order to make an informed decision about selecting the right color.

Look At Your Building's Style

Start by looking at your building's exterior to get a good idea of what kind of style it has. Take note of the architectural details that the building has, the existing color of the trim and siding, and what kind of landscaping it has.

A building with plenty of blue or grey colors can benefit from a roofing material that is black or dark grey in color. If you have lighter colors, like cream or white, you could go with a metal roof style that is more colorful. Browns, reds, and greens will really go well with those light colors since they work as an accent color in a way.

For buildings that have stucco or brick siding, use the roof as your opportunity to add color to the structure. Avoid going with earth tones and use colors like green, blue, or red.

Get Material Samples

Don't feel like you need to select a roof color without taking a good look at it first. It is possible to order a variety of samples to get a good idea of what the roofing material actually looks like. It helps to bring the samples outside and place them next to your building and then take a look at them at various points throughout the day.

You may discover that a certain color you've considered looks totally different when it is in the shade compared to what it looks like under direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause a color to look bright, while the same color can look darker than what you imagine at dusk. Samples can even help expose you to colors that you may not have thought of using.

Reach Out To Your Homeowner's Association

Is your building located in place maintained by a homeowner's association or similar organization? You'll want to reach out to the HOA to find out if there are restrictions on what kind of roof color you can use. You might be surprised to learn that you can't use a certain color because the HOA wants homes to look uniform, which helps keep the neighborhood's real estate values high.

Contact a company that offers commercial roofing services in order to learn more about your options.