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Three Kitchen Renovations That Can Make A Real Difference In Your Life

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Most homeowners are aware that having the kitchen renovated adds value to their property, which is why they often use this strategy before putting their homes on the market. However, kitchen renovations can make sense even for those with no current plans to put their places up for sale. The main reason for a full or partial kitchen renovation is to enhance the quality of life for the homeowner and other household residents. Following are three possible renovation options that you may want to consider if you're looking for ways to make your experience in the kitchen better. 

Upgraded Flooring

An increasing number of homeowners are opting for installing cork floors in their kitchens for a variety of reasons. Cork flooring provides a softer, more flexible surface, making it far more comfortable to stand on, which is good news for serious home cooks. Its stain resistant properties are appreciated by creative cooks and those with active children in the home. 

Cork flooring also has non-slip properties that may help prevent kitchen slip-and-fall mishaps. 

Expanded Storage Options

One of the biggest complaints of many modern homeowners is that their kitchens don't have enough storage space for food and culinary tools. Old-fashioned pantries were once a staple in home construction but fell out of favor at some point during the middle of the previous century when smaller kitchens became the norm. Modern homeowners are rediscovering the value of home cooking, and kitchens in new construction are beginning to reflect that trend.  If your kitchen storage options are limited, you probably find yourself running to the grocery store far more often than you would like. Consider having an actual pantry built on -- even a small pantry the size of an average closet will provide plenty of storage space, particularly if it's outfitted with plenty of wide shelves. 

Kitchen Islands That Double as Dining Areas

There's no disputing the value of a good kitchen island -- the extra work surface alone makes kitchen chores much more pleasant. However, many homeowners opt out of having a kitchen island because they feel it takes up too much valuable space in small kitchens -- and it's true that today's smaller kitchens feel cramped if they've got too much going on. A kitchen island that does double duty as a casual kitchen dining table fixes this issue nicely. 

Please don't hesitate to contact your local home renovation company for more advice on getting the most out of living in your home.