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Roof Accidents In The Process Of Repair: What Happens Next

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You already have a roofing contractor and his/her crew on your roof doing roof repairs when the unthinkable happens; a crew member missteps and falls through the roof. This is the stuff of homeowner's nightmares, but it can and does happen on rare occasions. Usually, the cause has less to do with the crew member falling than it does with structural damage underneath the roof. So, what happens next?

Get an Estimate of the Damages

Your roofing contractor is right there, so that is a plus. Ask him/her to give you an estimate for the damages caused. He or she might wave some of the costs and labor expenses since it was an accident that no one intended, and because the contractor is bonded and insured for rare instances like this one.

Hire a Home Inspector to Verify What Happened

Hiring another professional to verify what caused the damage helps. The home inspector can check out the hole to see if the roof was particularly weak in that spot, uncover issues with rot, etc.. If the inspector finds no evidence as such, ask for an official report. 

Get the Contractor to Make the Repairs

Since you have the contractor present for other roof repairs, he or she can make the repairs on the new damage while completing the original repairs. It is rather convenient, even when the accident was unexpected. 

Roofing Contractors That Take Responsibility

Insurance companies often insist in cases like this that the roofing contractor take responsibility for the damage. Good roofing contractors will offer to cover most, if not all, of the expenses related to repairing the hole created by the unfortunate worker's fall. Since these are especially rare cases, you really have nothing to worry about. However, in the event that this does happen to you, you have a good roofing contractor who is willing to remedy the situation.

Extra Preventive Methods

As your contractor continues to make repairs to your roof, the crew will take extra precautions since one accident in one location is already one accident too much. The crew will be secured to the job to prevent injury and they will only walk on the roof when necessary. Interior framework of your roof will be reinforced from the inside out. Braces made of hardwood will be installed as a means to cross over the roof. From here on out, it should be smooth sailing.