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Ask For These Tasks To Be Completed When Your Lawn Is Cut

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Hiring a lawn care service to mow your lawn once a week is a smart investment if you're short on time. Instead of having your lawn get overgrown and look bad because you're too busy to take care of it, your yard will always be in pristine condition because of the constant care of your mowing service. It's always a good idea to thoroughly discuss the job with your lawn care professional before he or she mows your lawn for the first time. In particular, asking for assurance that these tasks will be completed before or after the lawn is cut will ensure that you're happy with the finished product.


Weeding before your lawn is cut is very important. This is especially the case if you have dandelions in your lawn and they've started to go to seed. Running over these weeds with a mower will rapidly distribute the seeds around the lawn and lead to more dandelions that threaten to completely dominate your lawn. Make sure that your mowing professional will take the time to pull these weeds up from their roots to help you avoid this issue. You may need to pay a little extra for weeding, depending on how your lawn care service structures its services, but this is money well spent.

Collecting Leaves

You also want to be sure that the person mowing your lawn doesn't simply run over any leaves that have fallen to the ground. This may not be a concern for you during the spring and summer months, but as the leaves begin to fall in the autumn, make sure that you discuss this topic with your lawn care professional. Leaves that are mulched by a passing mower will scatter around the yard and be unsightly. Instead, it's better if the person taking care of your yard takes a few minutes to collect the leaves before tending to the lawn.

Seeding Bare Areas

Lawn care professionals should take an active interest in improving the look of their clients' lawns, so ask if the person mowing your lawn will be seeding bare areas after the work is done. Cutting the lawn short makes it easier to identify any areas that are bare, and the person can take a moment to gently turn up the earth, sprinkle in some seed, and then water the area. Over time, this type of care will help to build a healthy, uniform lawn.

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