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3 Creative Ways To Use Concrete Blocks In Your Home

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Concrete blocks are an inexpensive and somewhat utilitarian construction material used on many different types of jobs. While you might think that concrete blocks should be limited to industrial settings only, these affordable items can actually be put to good use around your home.

Here are three simple ways that you can incorporate concrete blocks into your home's decor in the future.

1. Create modern planters out of concrete blocks.

Houseplants can add color and interest to your home, but finding the right planters for your houseplants can be challenging if you want to maintain a modern design aesthetic. Fortunately, with just a little bit of work you can easily transform some concrete blocks into decorative planters for your home.

Start by using a wire brush to remove any dust or debris from the concrete block, then add some geometric shapes and color using neon paints. Next, use some glue to line the holes of the concrete block with durable clear plastic. Finally, place a small plant inside each of the holes in the concrete block, then pack the holes with potting soil. You will have a functional and modern planter in no time when you repurpose a concrete block.

2. Create some extra seating using concrete blocks.

If investing in new furniture for your modern living space isn't in your budget, you can easily update the look of your home by using concrete blocks to build some furnishings instead. Start by stacking concrete blocks on top of one another until you have achieved the desired height and width for your new seating.

Purchase a piece of foam from your local craft store that matches the dimensions of the top of your concrete frame, then cover the foam with a decorative fabric. Place the foam cushion on top of the concrete frame, add some decorative throw pillows, and enjoy you new (and affordable) modern seating option.

3. Create a geometric bookshelf.

Bookshelves can provide you with decorative storage space for a variety of items. If you are looking to create a geometric bookshelf that will complement your home's modern aesthetic, then relying on concrete blocks can be a great idea.

Just stack some blocks vertically and other horizontally until you have created a design that you are happy with. Place books and other items inside the holes of the concrete blocks to complete your functional project.

Finding ways to use concrete in your home decor is simple when you opt to make planters, seating, or bookshelves out of concrete blocks. Talk to a contractor, like Stephens & Smith Construction Inc, fore more ideas.