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Answering Common Furnace Questions

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Furnace problems can be a very disruptive issue for your home to encounter during the winter months. Despite the importance of this appliance, it can be common for homeowners to have little or no experience when it comes to addressing the problems these units may be prone to encountering. Making sure to understand a few of the basic questions about furnaces that people often have will give you useful insight into minimizing these issues.

What Does The Flue Do?

If you own a gas or oil-burning furnace, it is essential to have a flue for the system. The flue is responsible for allowing any noxious fumes from the combustion of these fuels to easily escape your home. Without the flue, it would be possible for carbon monoxide and other harmful gases to quickly fill your home's interior. To ensure that these fumes are able to vent from your home, you should regularly have the flue professionally cleaned. This maintenance removes soot and other debris from the flue's interior so that the flow of air will not be impacted.

What Is Causing The Pilot Light To Repeatedly Fail?

A pilot light is necessary on these systems so that the fuel can easily be ignited. However, it can be possible for the burner to gradually develop clogs due to residue from the oil or gas failing to ignite. These clogs can cause your pilot light to regularly fail, which will force you to repeatedly venture to the area with the furnace so that you can restart it. Luckily, removing this residue is fairly simple, as you will only need a damp cloth for this task. By rubbing the burner with the cloth, you will be able to remove much of this residue before it has a chance to clog your burner. Ideally, this should be done every month so as to ensure an unobstructed flow of fuel to the burner.

Is It A Good Idea To Use Your Interior Ceiling Fans When The Furnace Is Running?

When your furnace is running, you may want to consider leaving your interior ceiling fans running. This can help to keep your home more evenly heated. as the fans will distribute air and prevent thermal pockets from forming. These pockets form due to warm air rising and getting trapped against the ceiling. By running the fans, you can break up these pockets of trapped air, which will improve the overall efficiency of your furnace as well as the comfort of your home's interior.

For more information, contact a furnace contractor in your area.