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5 Trees That Are Perfect For Low, Soggy Areas In Your Yard

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If you've got a low-lying area in your yard that always seems to be damp, you might already know that many trees don't thrive in this type of environment. Perhaps you've tried and failed several times to find a tree that would thrive in your soggy space. Fortunately, there are many varieties of trees that do well in damp conditions. Following are five of them. 

River Birch 

The River Birch gets its name because it is commonly found growing along the banks of rivers and creeks, making it a natural choice for planting in areas where soils have a higher-than-normal amount of moisture. River Birch trees can also be planted in almost any location of the United States and adds interest to the landscape with its shaggy, curling bark. This tree grows relatively quickly, and its wide-spreading habit makes it a good choice for those seeking a backyard shade tree. 

White Willow

White willows are another excellent option for homeowners seeking to fill a soggy space in their yard. The silvery shade of the foliage of the White Willow makes it an appealing specimen tree, and, like the River Birch, White Willows grow quickly. They're also recommended for those who want to provide wildlife-friendly habitat in their outdoor living environment. Several separate cultivars of White Willow exist, providing homeowners with options to suit their own personal needs and preferences. White Willows probably aren't the best choice for small yards, but they do provide good shade when allowed to grow to full size in areas that have room for a large tree.

Swamp White Oak 

As its name implies, Swamp White Oak is a good choice for planting in soggy, swampy areas. Another excellent shade tree, its foliage is a deep, shining green with silvery undersides. This tree grows moderately and should only be grown in acidic soils. 

American Hornbeam

Like the Swamp White Oak, the American Hornbeam is at its best when planted in acidic soils. This smaller tree is also a good choice for creating a screen through multiple plantings, but it's also attractive enough to stand on its own as a specimen tree. 

Sweet Bay Magnolia 

Sweet Bay Magnolia is an excellent choice for those seeking a medium-sized tree that offers fragrant flowers in the spring. Because of its relatively small stature and unfussy nature, Sweet Bay Magnolia makes good foundation plantings, especially near the house where the fragrance and appearance of the flowers can be easily enjoyed. 

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