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Two Plumbing Problems You May Have And How They Can Be Repaired

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Plumbing problems can happen quickly, without any warning, and when they do, they can disrupt your life. There are many types of plumbing problems, two of which are sewer problems and slab leaks. Below is some information about each of these and how they can be taken care of.

Sewer Problems

If you have sewer problems, the plumber will likely call on a sewer cleaning company to fix the problem for you. They use advanced technology to find and repair the problem. In most cases, the problem will be a clog in the sewer. They can determine this by using a small video camera. This camera is attached to a flexible cable and pushed through the sewer drain. The camera sends an image to a television unit. This gives the sewer company a lot of information they need to clear the clog or fix a broken pipe.

If there is built-up grease and other debris inside the drain, this can be very difficult to remove. To take care of this problem, the sewer company can use a high-pressure water jetter. As the high pressure water goes through the drain, it easily removes any clogs. The water also cleans the pipes as it does this.

If the sewer company found that tree roots invaded into the pipes is the problem, they can use a drain snake auger placed at the end of a flexible cable to cut through the roots and any other obstructions and then repair the pipes for you.

Slab Leaks

If you have a concrete floor in your home and there is a leak under it, this is known as a slab leak. If you have this problem, you will have cracks in the slab. You may notice a certain area of your carpeting is wet, and mold and mildew can easily grow under the carpeting due to this moisture. Your water bills will likely increase. 

A professional should repair the slab leak for you, as they can do it much easier than you can. They have special tools they can use to locate the leak. This means they will not have to rip up a large amount of the concrete to find the leak, and in most cases it will be only a small area.

When the plumber finds the leak, there are different ways it can be repaired. They can open up the concrete slab in the area where the leak is found and repair the pipe. The plumber may use an epoxy pipe coating, which is a coating that is placed inside the pipe. This works well if there are several leaks.

The plumber can tell you what the best option is for you and go over it in much more detail.