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Four Reasons You May Need Custom Doors For The Interior Of Your Home

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When you have contractors working on your home, they will usually give you a selection of ordinary interior doors that you can choose from. Interior doors are just that: they are designed to be mostly functional and attractive, with very little substance. Most interior doors are "hollow core," so they are actually just a thin veneer of wood over an empty space. There are some reasons why you might want to request that your contractors use something a little more sturdy.

1. Request Solid Core Doors If You Have Pets

If you have pets, solid core doors are usually ideal. Dogs, in particular, will often scratch at doors. With a hollow core door, they will weaken the structure and could eventually break through to the core. Once that happens, you have to replace the entire door. A solid core door is far more durable and can't be simply shoved through the way a heavy dog can shove through a hollow door.

2. Get Impact Doors If You Frequently Experience Hurricanes or Storms

Impact doors will protect you from the effects of hurricanes and storms. Many people assume that impact doors are only designed for the exterior, but they can also be used for the interior -- especially if you have an open floor plan that means that there are doors very close to the entrance of your house. Impact doors are also resistant to attempts to forcibly enter a property.

3. Install Steel Doors for a Make-Shift Safe Room

If there's an interior room that you're likely to go to in the event that there's a break in or other emergency, you can fortify it by using a steel door. An actual shelter or safe room can be very expensive to build, but steel doors are relatively inexpensive and will contribute to the overall safety of the structure. (Steel doors are also used for tornado shelters, but you shouldn't place just a steel door if you're in an area with tornadoes; it could become a projectile.)

4. Request a Custom Appearance for Your Property

And, of course, there's one obvious reason you might need custom doors: you might want your home to look unique. Most interior doors are made from very similar designs. If you haven't found anything that you like, you can request one to your specifications. This is very common when installing glass doors and doors with frosted panels.

Custom doors can be designed out of virtually any material and any specification. Despite this, it's very common that homeowners simply select a common option. If you're trying to really customize your home, don't forget about the doors when you're building.