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Leftover Concrete Uses For Your Yard

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If you are going to be having some concrete work done around your yard, then you may have some leftover concrete when the job is finished. Instead of letting that concrete go to waste, you can put it to good use by creating some additions for your garden area. Learn about some fun projects you can use that concrete for in this article so you can have a good time adding unique creations to your garden.

Make your own stepping stones

You can make stepping stones to put around your yard that have special touches you choose to include in them. These special touches can be hand or foot prints, pieces of colored glass you have pressed down into them, writing written into the wet concrete with a toothpick, or anything else you feel like decorating them with.

You can make the stepping stones by putting the wet concrete into a round cake pan. Then, decorate it in the way you have chosen and tap on the sides of the pan to remove any air bubbles. Allow it to dry all the way and then remove it. You should leave it alone for about a week before anyone is allowed to step on it, so you know it is hard enough to handle the weight.

Make a couple small stools

You can make stools in any shape, but you do want to remember that concrete is extremely heavy, so you want to stick to smaller bases. Also, if you go with a wide base, then you will have the added work of placing chicken wire in the middle to avoid breakage.

To make a stool with a small base, you can use the bottom of a cut out bucket, a thick, appropriately sized baking pan or even a bowl. Fill it at least four inches with the concrete and put 1¼"-diameter dowels into it three-fourths of the way. These sticks will be the legs, so they should be about 18 inches long.

Allow the concrete to completely dry before you remove it from the mold. Even after you remove it, you want to allow it to set somewhere and dry for a good week. This way, you know it is all the way cured and won't break on you.

Now that you are familiar with a couple good uses for that leftover concrete, you can have fun getting creative and adding to your yard's look.