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3 Potential Causes Of A Gas Range With An Oven That Won't Heat

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A gas oven relies on a burner system that triggers gas to enter the unit and then lights that gas to provide the needed heat for cooking. Problems with a part or several parts of the gas range can lead to an oven that won't heat up at all.

If your oven has recently stopped heating, there are a few potential causes. Don't fix the problems yourself if you have no appliance service repairs experience since gas is a potential danger. Instead, call in a professional appliance repair technician to diagnose the problem and replace the parts.

Here are a few of the parts that might need replacing.


The igniter plays two of the most important roles in the oven heating process. First, the igniter sends a signal to the gas valve to tell the valve to open and allow gas into the system for heating. The igniter then heats up to provide the spark that lights the gas into heating the oven. If there's a problem with your igniter, your oven will not have the means to heat.

You can do a quick visual inspection to see if the igniter is working at all or functioning properly. Use your owner's manual to determine the exact location of your oven's igniter. Power on the oven and watch for the igniter to start to glow. If the igniter doesn't glow, the igniter is completely broken and needs replacing. If the igniter glows but never lights the gas, the igniter is too weak and needs replacing.

Only perform the visual test if you are certain you can do so safely. Otherwise, call in an appliance repair technician.

Spark Electrode

Is it the broil setting of your oven that isn't heating up properly? You might have a problem with the spark electrode, which can also lead to problems with the oven heating in general. The spark electrode provides the spark that jumps from the electrode to a shield and then lights the gas.

You can visually inspect the electrode for signs of cracking and wear but don't touch it with your hand. A malfunctioning electrode can give you an electric shock. If you suspect you have a damaged electrode, call in an appliance repair tech as soon as possible.

Broil or Bake Element

The elements in the oven are the parts that stay warmed by the ignited gas to provide steady, evenly distributed cooking. There are broil and bake elements in most gas ovens and either element can malfunction or fail to operate.

You can, again, perform a visual inspection by turning on the bake or broil setting on the oven and then checking to see if the respective elements are starting to glow red. If the element is glowing, you might have a problem elsewhere in the unit. If the elements aren't glowing, you need new elements.

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