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Four Options For Restoring Water To An Old Well That Is Becoming Dry

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Wells are important installations for many homes. If you live in a rural area, you may rely on a water well for your drinking water. The well can provide you with the water your family needs for everyday use. As the well gets old, it can also have problems that may cause it to not provide you with the water it once did. This can be due to loss of pressure, mechanical failure and low-flow. If your well is not performing as it should, here are some options to restore it and have water running again:

1. Inspecting The Well Equipment And Casing For Problems

Well casings and equipment can and do fail. This may be the problem with your well, which can be fixed easily. You can contact a well pump repair service to inspect your well equipment to ensure that there are no mechanical problems causing you to not have the water you need in your home. Sometimes debris can cause problems with pumps that reduce pressure and flow from your well.

2. Cleaning And Rehabilitating Old Clogged Well Casings

The well casing is another component of your well that can cause problems with water production. With an old well, debris can get into the casing and clog perforations. To solve this problem, the casing can be cleaned and rehabilitated to restore water to your well. A well repair service can inspect the casing with a camera to determine if rehabilitation is a viable solution to your problem.

3. Drilling A Shallow Well Deeper Due To A Drop In The Water Table

With droughts and water tables becoming lower, your well can eventually become dry. This is often due to wells that are shallow. To solve this problem, the well service may drill the well deeper and install a new casing for your well. This can be a good solution for wells that have dried, but still produce some water.

4. Capping The Well And Drilling A New Area For Better Water Production

There are some situations where a well may need to be capped and abandoned. This can be due to collapsing of the casing, drying up and contamination. If your well is too close to a septic system or very shallow, drilling a new well may be the best solution to meet your water needs.

These are some options to restore water to your well if it is not meeting your needs. If you need help finding water on your property, contact a land surveyor to have them do a study of your land and the best place to locate a water well.