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Frugal Bathroom Remodel Ideas: Go From Drab To Fab Even On A Budget

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The bathroom in your home is likely a place that you know you can go for guaranteed privacy. If you are fortunate enough to have more than one bathroom in your home, surely one of them is your favorite. Adding a bit of flair to your favorite bathroom or a neglected guest bathroom does not have to be a complete overhaul. The following ideas can help you create a fabulous and functional bathroom.


Adding additional shelves will aid in reducing clutter, which will give your bathroom an organized appearance. This is also the best way to keep frequently used items such as toilet paper and towels within close reach. If you frequently run out of these items and have to exit the bathroom to retrieve them, you will appreciate the convenience shelves offer. 


If you are a person who takes baths instead of showers due to you not liking the way your showerhead sprays, consider investing in a showerhead that allows you to adjust the water flow. You may also benefit from choosing a hand-held showerhead or one that is removable, which will offer you the most control over the water flow. Opting for a removable showerhead will give you the benefit of having a shower that is dual functioning, which may be important for bathrooms that are shared with others who may not enjoy holding a showerhead during their showers.


If your toilet looks like a basic toilet, investing in a new toilet seat can instantaneously change the appearance of it. For example, if you have wood stained floors or a wood stained vanity, you could replace your white toilet seat with a wood-stained one. 


If you were considering investing in a new vanity, consider enhancing your existing one if it is in good condition. Applying paint is one way to change the appearance of your existing vanity. You could also add tile mosaics or change the vanity knobs to create an upscale look. 

If there are specific parts of the vanity that you dislike, only replace those parts. For example, replace older water handles with ones that complement the new bathroom upgrades and decor. You could also replace your sink basin if it is dinged, and invest in new vanity globes instead of a bathroom lighting replacement project. 

If you are not handy when it comes to fixing things around your home, a general contractor, such as one from Gibson Construction Of Nevada Inc, is a good resource to use for your modest bathroom remodeling project. They can offer you additional ideas based on your budget, and they can help you incorporate some of your own creative ideas into your new sanctuary.