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5 Reasons To Get Metal Roofing For Your Commercial Or Residential Building

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When most people think of metal roofing, they imagine it only being used for commercial properties. The material works so well that it has even been adapted for residential use. No matter what kind of building you have, consider getting metal roofing for these 5 reasons.


If you want a roof that will last a long time, metal is the way to go. While asphalt, wood, and roll roofing material all last under 25 years, metal beats out all of those materials by lasting as long as 60 years. The only material that beats it is slate shingles, but the cost of slate may far outweigh the longevity of the material.

Fire Resistance

A metal roof will naturally be fire-resistant without needing to apply any special coating to the material. This cannot be said for competing materials like asphalt shingles. If your building catches on fire, metal roofing will help minimize the potential damage. Your insurance provider may give you a discount for having this type of roof because of its fire resistance, so be sure to look into it if you go with metal.

Water & Bug Resistance

Metal roofing is non-porous, so water is going to flow right off the material instead of soaking into it. You won't have to worry about the material warping over time from water exposure. In addition, the non-porous material also means that bugs cannot make their way into it. You won't have to worry about ants or termites making a home in your roof.


Not only is metal roofing practical in all of the previous ways, but it will add an element of beauty to your building. Metal looks crisp, and provides a finished look that will adapt well to the building's architectural style, which is why it works well for both modern and rustic buildings. It also creates a very distinct look that can increase the curb appeal of the property.

Energy Efficiency

The problem with roofing materials like asphalt is that they absorb the rays of the sun, which causes your building to feel warmer than it should. Metal will naturally reflect the rays of the sun away from your building. The building will feel cooler and you'll use less energy to cool it down, which will improve the building's energy efficiency and lower HVAC costs.

If these benefits sound great to you, contact a local residential or commercial roofing contractor for a consultation.