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How To Clean Your Couch In Minutes

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Did you just get a call to tell you that your relatives are in the area and will be surprising you with a visit today? If so, you didn't have time to clean and you may have a couch that's in no shape to host guests. This article will help you get that couch looking great in just a few minutes of time.

Vacuum the couch

Remove the cushions and use the hose from a vacuum to quickly vacuum up any dust and debris from the couch. Choose the nicest side of each cushion and make it the top part when you put them back in place.

Take the hose and use it to vacuum the entire couch moving in a straight line across the couch. Pay extra attention to the buttons and seams. Do the arms of the couch starting from the part nearest to the back of the couch and working your way straight down to the edge.

If you have buttons or any other areas where the vacuum isn't removing all the junk, you can use a can of compressed air to blow it out.

Tip: If the couch doesn't smell as fresh as you would like it to, you can sprinkle some carpet freshener on the bottom of the cushions, leave it set for a minute or two and then vacuum it out.

Remove stains or spots

Use a cleaning wipe that doesn't contain bleach on any spots or stains. You want to rub the wipe in a back and forth direction roughly. If you don't have any cleaning wipes then you can use a white washcloth that's very hot and has just a little bit of mild cleaning solution on the washcloth and scrub in the same manner you would with the cleaning wipe.

If there is a chance that you will have an obvious clean spot, then you can rub out from the stained area, decreasing the scrubbing power as you get further from it, tapering off little by little. Use a dry cloth to dry up any remaining dampness then use the hose of the vacuum to help dry it completely.

Now that you have gone over your couch the best you can in such a short amount of time, you can take a breath and get ready for your visit knowing you did what it took to present a clean sitting area to your guests. If your couch could use a deeper clean, contact an upholstery cleaning company like Supreme Cleaners Inc.