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How To Clean And Recaulk Frameless Shower Doors

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Frameless shower enclosures make any bathroom look more stylish. They can make the room look bigger and give your bathroom a grander style. However, because the enclosures have no frames, they need to be properly caulked. The caulk is important because it seals the enclosure, makes it waterproof and adds more strength. Unfortunately, over time, the caulk can get dirty or moldy. If the caulk is compromised, you need to repair it as soon as possible. This article explains how to clean out dirty caulk lines in your frameless shower enclosure and recaulk them.

Cleaning out the Old Caulk

The deteriorated or moldy caulk needs to be cleaned before you can recaulk it. First, try cleaning the caulk with scum removing cleaners. However, this might not be strong enough to get all the mold out of deteriorated caulk. It is is much better to just scrape out the rotted caulk. Use a utility knife and painter's knife to scrape away the caulk. You do not need to scrape out all of the old caulk. Instead, you need to just remove the caulk that is rough or discolored. You want a smooth surface for the new caulk to stick to. So, in some cases it is easier to just remove all of the caulk, but this will take up a lot more time.

Recaulking With Precision

First, make sure that you use a waterproof caulk. If you have clear glass panes, you will probably want to use a clear caulk as well. To recaulk the seams between the glass panes, you do not want the caulk to get on the actual pane. So, for cleaner and easier application, you should tape off the edges of the glass. Painter's tape will stick well to the glass, but won't be too difficult to remove. Once the panes are taped, you will can shoot the caulk into place with a gun. Fill in the hole completely so the caulk is dense. The most difficult part is making the caulk perfectly smooth. You just need to put a latex glove on and use your finger to wipe the caulk line until it is smooth. Swipe a few inches at a time and then clean off your finger between each swipe. A clean finger will leave behind smoother lines.

When all the caulk is applied, you can pull away the tape. Wait at least 24 hours for the caulk to dry before you start to use your shower again.  

For more information or assistance in recaulking, contact professional contractors, like those at California Reflections.