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How To Keep Pesky Pests Out Of Your Prized Garden

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If you have a garden, you want to protect it as well as you can from pests in the area. The tips in this article will help you keep some of those pests away, so you can enjoy your garden the way it should be enjoyed.

Set up a security camera

You can put up all the barriers you want, but they aren't going to protect your garden if they are targeting the wrong pests. Installing a security camera to watch your garden at all times will let you see any new types of pests in the garden that you may need to set up different deterrents for.

Use repellents

It's a good idea to use any repellents you think will keep away problem pests. However, you should understand that they won't always work. In some cases, the pests have grown accustomed to people using those repellents on them and this causes them to lose their effectiveness. A couple types of repellents you can use include the urine of predatory animals and human hair. These can keep away a wide range of pests, such as deer, rabbits, raccoons and skunks.

Use motion activated deterrents

Motion activated deterrents, such as sprinklers and lights, can also help to scare pests out of your garden. The sprinklers will work day and night, where the lights will be a better choice if you are more focused on nocturnal pests, such as raccoons and skunks.

Plant specific plants in your garden

There are certain plants that a lot of pests can't stand the smell of. By planting some of them in your garden, you can help mask the smell of the good stuff and keep the pests away. A few good choices to plant include onion, garlic, lavender and chives. Deer and rabbits are a couple examples of the pests these plants may keep away.

Put up a fence

Putting a chain link fence, from a company like American Secured Fence, around your garden is a great idea if you are experiencing problems with pests such as deer, rabbits or skunks. The fence should be installed several inches into the ground. This will make it difficult for rabbits to dig their way in. Also, you should have a second, smaller fence installed a few feet around the main fence if you are having trouble with deer. They won't be able to clear both fences and this will put an end to your problems with them.

By following the information provided in this article, you will be able to enjoy your garden without sifting through the destruction left behind from pests.