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How And When To Use A Power Disc Sander

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When it comes to many home improvement project, the only thing stopping homeowners from doing the job on their own is the fact that they do not have the right tools (obtained from outlets such as Bourget Bros Building Materials). However, most home improvement stores rent just about any tool you could imagine or need. One of the most useful tools for many projects is a power disc sander. This article will explain a few projects that you can do if you rent a construction-grade disc sander and how to safely operate one. 

Great Project for a Disc Sander

These disc sanders are large and need to be held with two hands during operation. They have large discs that are over 12" in diameter, but they are very useful for sanding down large areas in no time. Trying to sand down some surfaces without a disc sander will take too long and require much more sweat. Even a power vibrating sander will not work as fast or effectively as a disc sander.

A power sander is absolutely essential if you plan on refinishing your hardwood floors. It can remove the old finish and smooth out the hardwood to prepare it for the new stain. Similarly, you could use a disc sander to refinish any piece of wood furniture. You may also use it to refinish your wooden garage doors, roofline, fascia, fences or window frames. However, you can also get different sanding disc attachments for sanding other materials like metal and concrete. 

Safely Operating the Sander

While you might find many uses for a disc sander, you want to make sure you are able to operate it before you rent one. The key to safe operation is wearing the proper safety gear. Protective glasses and construction gloves could save you from a lot of physical pain if you are going to be standing for an extended period of time. The strong vibrations of the sander can give you serious blisters if you do not have proper gloves.

You should never turn the sander on while the disc is touching the surface. Hold the sander upright with one hand and then switch it on. Wait until it sounds like the sander is at full power before you start to use it. Make sure you are holding both handles when you bring the sander into contact with a surface. 

A power disc sander is a great tool that can make many jobs much easier.