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3 Tips For Preventing Theft On Your Home Construction Site

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Are you currently building a new home? Is it a big job, with a lot of workers, tools, and materials? If so, one of your biggest risks could be losing materials and tools to theft. Unfortunately, there are some people who look for construction sites as a quick way to make money. They may look for materials that can quickly resell, such as expensive granite and stone or scrap metal. They may look for tools that they can sell at a nearby pawn shop. If you do lose tools and materials to theft, you'll probably have no choice but to pay to replace them. You can prevent job site theft, though. Here are three tips on how to do so:

Motion detecting floodlights. Darkness is a thief's best friend. Many thefts occur at night, long after construction workers and managers have gone home. You probably can't keep your job site lit up around the clock. That would lead to a hefty electricity bill and irritate the neighbors, especially if you're building in a dense neighborhood. However, you can install motion detecting lights. As the name suggests, they'll light up any time someone walks by them. That sudden illumination may be enough to scare the thief and cause them to abandon the job site.

Use just-in-time delivery. Job site thieves are often looking for materials that are just sitting around. You can make your job less attractive by having less materials and tools that are available to steal. One way to do that is by using and installing materials as soon as they arrive. 

Work with your suppliers to implement just-in-time delivery. Only have delivered what you will install that day. Most suppliers can accommodate this if you give them enough notice. However, it's important that you work with an efficient contractor who keeps an organized job site and can stick to the schedule. Otherwise, it may be tough to predict which materials will be used on which days.

Rent a portable storage unit. You can also protect your materials and tools by renting a portable storage unit and putting it on the property. These storage units look are large walk-in boxes that can have shelving, bins, and any other storage equipment you may need. At the end of the day, workers load their tools and materials into the storage unit and then lock up the unit. As an added benefit, some units can even come with external cameras to provide even more protection.

For more information, contact a storage equipment rental company like Shelving Rack & Lockers Inc. They can help you find a portable storage unit for your site.