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Caring For Your New Bathroom Countertops: Tips For Marble And Granite

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Installing new countertops in your bathroom is a great way to make this intimate space more luxurious and appealing. There are many ways you can keep your countertops looking just as beautiful as the day they were put in. Learn how to keep your granite or marble countertops in wonderful condition, so you can enjoy them for years.


A great thing about marble countertops in your bathroom is that you don't have to worry about placing hot items, such as a curling iron or straightener, on your surfaces. Marble is very tolerant to heat and won't warp or crack if hot appliances are placed on it. You must remember, however, that marble is very porous, so it can absorb splashed water and lotion spills easily if you do not clean them up as soon as they occur. Maintenance is simple-- wipe down your marble countertops with a soft dust rag once a week and avoid using harsh cleaning solvents when wiping down your surfaces. Simple soap and water with a non-abrasive rag is all you need to keep your marble clean. Seal your marble whenever you see water fail to bead up on its surface, which is an indicator that your marble is getting too porous. Regular sealing will keep your marble shiny and help prevent scratching.


Granite is an extremely durable but sensitive to heat. When placing hot appliances on your granite countertops, always use a ceramic plate or other heat-resistant holder to avoid transferring heat to your granite surface. Granite does not scratch easily, so you can use gentle abrasion to remove stains when cleaning. Granite is very strong, but avoid standing or leaning on the surface to prevent cracking or breakage in its weaker points.  Granite is not a very porous material, but it will stain if water and other spills are not cleaned up promptly. Wipe up stains with a paper towel or soft rag to keep the surface shiny. Just like marble, it is a good idea to regularly seal your granite to help it keep its luster and help protect it against stains.

Your new countertops require a bit of maintenance to keep them looking new, but with the right care you can enjoy your marble or granite countertops for many years. Talk to your contractor to see how often you should seal your countertops to keep them in the most pristine condition. Follow regular cleaning maintenance and your countertops should serve as beautiful architecture in your bathroom for a very long time.