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What You Can Do To Prevent Ant And Termite Damage

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It is amazing how such little things like a carpenter ant or termite can cause such an enormous problem with a home. Both of these pests can eat away at the wood in a home and can cause severe structural issues. Carpenter ants will eat away at the wood so that they can make nests. Termites will eat the wood because they get nutritional value from it. They can lay larvae that can infest the area and make the problem even worse. In either case of ants or termites, it is necessary to get rid of them so that the problem can adequately be resolved.

What can You Do?

1. Recognize the Signs of Infestation. The first thing that you need to do is to understand what the signs of a termite of carpenter ant infestation look like. Because termites and carpenter ants are attracted to wood, that is where you will notice the signs. The most obvious sign that you have a problem is if you actually see the insect itself or the wings of the insect. Knowing what the look like and actually seeing them will give you a good indication that you have a problem. You may also notice wood that is hollow but should not be. Tap on the wood and see if it sounds hollow. This may mean the inside is being eaten by termites or ants. You may also notice paint that is cracked on a wooden surface. This is often an entry point for ants and termites. Other signs such as mud tubes on the foundation of you home can be a sign of termites.

2. Further Investigation. Just because there are no apparent signs of termite damage or ants does not necessarily mean they are not there. You can do some further investigating to determine if you have a problem. By going to basements, crawlspaces, and other areas of the home, you can tap on the wood to see if it sounds hollow. You can also take a flashlight to see if you can find wood colored excrement also known as frass. If you see these pellet shaped droppings, especially near wood, it could mean there is an infestation near.

If you find any signs of a termite or ant problem, you will want to immediately call a pest control company to investigate further. They will be able to help you with controlling insects and survey the damage. This could help save your home.