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Two Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Driveway

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You driveway is an expensive part of your home, but many homeowners vastly underestimate the importance of properly maintaining this part of the home. Without regular maintenance, your driveway would quickly fall into a state of disrepair that is beyond the ability of contractors to repair it. You may not know much about driveway maintenance, but these tips can help you avoid two common causes of driveway failure. 

Seal Any Cracks As Soon As You Notice Them

The formation of cracks in your driveway surface is an unavoidable part of the aging and weathering process. Unfortunately, the presence of cracks can greatly accelerate the aging process for the driveway, and it can evenly lead to major structural damages to it.

To help protect your driveway from this common but serious threat, you should perform regular visual inspections of the driveway on a regular basis. Typically, you will want to do this once every couple of months, but if at any point you notice new cracks, you should perform this step early. Once you have identified the problem area, there are crack repair kits you can purchase that use a type of liquid asphalt to allow you to rapidly repair these problem spots. 

Prevent Water From Pooling On The Asphalt's Surface

While cracking is one of the more common problems that driveways can encounter, standing water is another routine issue that you must learn to handle. When water starts to pool on your driveway, it can start to seep through any sealants that you have on the driveway, and this will allow it to cause substantial water damage to the asphalt. 

If you notice areas of standing water on your driveway, it is imperative for you to repair this problem as quickly as possible. In order to do this, you will need to fill in the depression where the water is pooling. This can be done by applying a thin layer of asphalt to the indented area of the driveway. Once this filler material has dried, you will simply need to apply a fresh coat of sealant before using the driveway as normal. 

When your driveway starts to encounter problems, it is critical for you to address the issues as quickly as possible. If you allow these problems to remain, they can rapidly cause your driveway to suffer extensive degradation. By repairing any cracks and preventing standing water from forming, you can significantly reduce the chances that you will need expensive driveway repairs in the near future. For more information on pavement, contact a company like Armour Pavement Inc.