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Armor-Clad Your Home: Reasons To Use Cement Siding

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Siding serves an important purpose in protecting your home from the weather. While siding is made to be durable, it can really take a beating. Wood, vinyl, and other popular siding materials can succumb to mother nature's fury. Cladding your house with cement can help to make your home more impregnable to the weather. 

What Is Cement Siding?

Cement siding is made from a mixture of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers. Because of how thin the cement panels are, the cellulose is needed to make the siding boards more durable. The cement panels are molded, which means that you can vary the mold to create panels that mimic the look of wood or any other material for that matter. You can also mold cement siding to create long panels, shingles, or any other shape you want to use. Thus, cement siding is a very durable and versatile material.

What Are the Benefits of Cement Siding?

Cement siding is a heavy material, weighing up to 300 pounds per 100 square feet. This makes cement siding less likely to be ripped off of your house during a windstorm. The cement in the siding gives it three benefits: 1. Cement can be as hard as a rock, so hail and other windblown hazards will have little effect on it. 2. Cement is not flammable, so if you live in an area that is prone to fire hazards, using cement siding can help to protect your home from stray sparks and flare ups. 3. Cement is also resistant to termites and other insects. 

What Are the Negatives?

Cement siding can be brittle, which means you have to be careful during the installation process. Because of how heavy it is, hauling cement boards around can be a labor-intensive process. The final drawback of using cement siding is that the color of cement is not that attractive, so it has to be painted. While the siding itself can last for fifty years, it has to be repainted every fifteen years or so. 

Choosing a siding material for your home is an important choice. Cement siding is not a maintenance-free material, but it has many important benefits. Cement siding might not be the cheapest material in terms of installation costs, but it can help to keep repair and replacement costs down. Sometimes the best choice for a siding material is not necessarily the one that comes with the lowest initial cost, but the one that comes with the best overall benefits. 

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