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Why You Should Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

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Carpeting can get dirty pretty easily, and, over time, it can get so dirty that a regular once-over with a vacuum won't be enough to clean it. Professional cleaners can use vacuums that shampoo and steam your carpets, which helps restore their cleanliness and shine, but there are more reasons to get them deep cleaned. Dirty carpets can house plenty of germs, and getting them cleaned can actually help them last longer.

Health Concerns

Carpets look and feel nice, but they're also very good at holding in germs, especially in high-traffic areas. Dust, pollen and pet fur can get caught up in the carpet, as well as dust mites. Carpets also hold in odors that are very difficult to remove; using a normal vacuum to clean your carpets may not work to remove odors, even if you use cleaning chemicals. After a while, a dirty carpet can become harmful -- or at least irritating -- to your health.

Deep-cleaning a carpet can suck and wash out many of the allergens and dirt that a normal vacuum doesn't quite reach, and the soap and steam also kill a lot of harmful allergens instead of just picking them up and moving them around.

Dirt Can Decrease Your Carpet's Life Span

Dirt in your carpet is physically harmful to it and can actually decrease your carpet's life span. Once dirt particles work their way deep down, they can rub against the carpet fibers. Over time, this causes many to fray and come loose, which causes random fibers to be longer than others, or certain areas of the carpet to become patchy. Once dirt particles are far enough down to cause that damage, a normal vacuum won't reach them.

How Often Cleaning Is Needed

How often you should call a professional cleaner depends on how many people and pets you have in your home and whether or not you have any children. If you live in a household with heavy traffic, pets, children and a lot of dirt, cleaning every 3-6 months is a safe plan. For households with just a few people and not too much traffic, once a year should be good enough, and if your carpet sees even less traffic, cleaning them less often is fine too.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Cleaning Service

While it's possible to rent a vacuum and clean your carpets yourself, hiring a professional cleaning service has a few benefits. There are many different kinds of carpets and rugs, and a professional will know what type of equipment to use on each one instead of using a one-vacuum-fits-all method. They can also help if you have specific problems you'd like to address, such as stains, pet odors or allergy problems. For more information, contact experts like Manning Bros.