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Rearranging Electrical Designs For Computer Households

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As computers become a more integral part of living and intrepid workers convert their homes into home offices, the shortcoming of electrical layouts can stick out like a sore thumb. When you don't have enough electrical plugs, cables to connect with or consistent ways to use the Internet, it may be time to rebuild your electrical system to better suit your needs. Consider a few modification ideas that can enhance your home or small office to be more convenient for computer-based progress.

Step Away From Wireless For Heavy Tasks

Wireless may be convenient when performing basic tasks or enjoying some basic browsing on a smartphone, but it isn't always good for more demanding tasks. Voice calls, live video and professional gaming all need a strong connection that can handle lots of data without losing important information.

Wireless Internet is like a wide spray of information. For the most part, you'll get your websites, email and other information loaded because missing information can be resent fairly quickly. Data such as live video feeds, phone calls via Voice over IP (VOIP) and online gaming use protocols such as the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), which generally sends information without requesting confirmation due to the nature of the information.

When you talk over a VOIP line, some of the sounds you make can be lost in the flow of data. The Internet can't wait until it confirms that nuance of your voice is captured, and it can't ask you to make a random sound to rebuild what is missing--the data is simply lost if it drops. Such loss manifests itself in 'robotic' voices when talking, missing or discolored blocks on live video or the slowed down gameplay phenomenon called lag.

To avoid this problem, you need a connection that is consistent as possible. Since wireless can lose information from bouncing against or passing through obstacles such as walls, furniture or people, a closed wire such as an Ethernet cable is necessary.

Bringing Consistent Connectivity Without Entanglement

The problem with being connected to a wired Internet connection is that you're generally restricted in movement. The maximum effective distance for Ethernet cables is 100 meters or 328 feet, but such long cables can become tripping hazards even if covered well. If you need multiple computers in different parts of the building, the cabling can quickly become a tangled mess.

An electrician can help by routing the cables into the walls. Don't assume that haven't networking experience means you're able to put Ethernet cables into walls; there are a few safety concerns that need to be understood first.

Many Ethernet cables have shielding that can be toxic when burned. Unfortunately, many wires inside a standard home operate at temperatures that can create a slow, sickening burn over time. There are specific routes and securing methods used by electricians to avoid such dangers. 

If you need safe, efficient electrical work done to enhance your home technology setup, contact an electrician.