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How To Troubleshoot Your Gas Water Heater

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Gas water heaters are often less expensive to purchase and install than other types, and the maintenance is sometimes easier than with an electric or solar water heater. There are going to be times when you need maintenance or repairs, but first you need to troubleshoot the problems you are experiencing. Here are some common issues with a gas water heater installation and what might be the issue.

There is Insufficient Hot Water

One of the more common problems with a gas water heater is that while you get hot water, it isn't enough. You may notice that after being in the shower for a couple minutes, the water suddenly turns to cold. This is not normal and is probably a sign that something is wrong. Having hot water, but not enough of it, is probably due to the thermostat or the vents. If it looks like the thermostat is working properly, check to see if a vent or flue is clogged.

There is No Hot Water

If you are not getting any hot water at all from the gas water heater, it is probably due to the pilot light or the thermocouple. First check to be sure the pilot light is turned as, as this is what allows gas to be delivered from the valve. Next, find the thermocouple and make sure it is attached and does not look bent or worn. If the pilot light is working and the gas is turned on, but you still have no hot water, it is time to call a professional.

The Pilot Light Won't Come On

If you have had other issues with the gas water heater, you probably checked the pilot light first. If you noticed it is not lit, then you need to figure out exactly why this is happening. IN most cases, a pilot light that is not coming on is due to an issue with the thermocouple. This is not a serious problem and one that is usually repaired quickly and easily. If it isn't the thermocouple, check the gas valve, as that is another reason the pilot light might not be working.

The Water is Too Hot

While it is good to have a decent amount of hot water when you need it, there is such thing as water that is too hot. If you turn your water on warm for washing your hands, but it always goes straight to scalding, you could burn and blister your hands. Check the thermostat first to make sure it isn't turned up too high. If it looks fine, it is time to call an HVAC technician.