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Options For Your Home's Water Line Repair

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If your home's main sewer line has failed, then you have two options for fixing the problem. The first option is a traditional trenched repair, and the second is a trenchless fix. Each of these options has their own advantages.

Here is some information on each repair procedure in order to help you make this very important plumbing decision:

Option 1: Trenched Sewer Line Repair

Traditionally, main sewer lines were repaired by removing the broken pipe and replacing it with a new pipe. This requires that the area above the plumbing be removed. This can be an issue if you are dealing with areas that contain sidewalks or other objects which are not easy to temporarily remove and replace.

The main advantage of having a trenched sewer line repair is that once the procedure is completed then your home will have a brand new sewer line that will function for many years without needing any attention. Additionally, your home's new sewer line will be made from a more sturdy material than that which was used decades ago when the original line was installed. This will ensure that you will not have any problems with the new line for a very long time.

Option 2: Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

With the trenchless sewer main line repair option, a flexible lining pipe is inserted into your home's existing sewer pipe. Prior to insertion of the liner pipe, your plumbing contractor will need to auger out the broken pipe. This will remove any tree roots, or other blockages, in order to make room for the liner to be threaded into the existing pipe.

The absolute biggest advantage to a trenchless repair is that the cost is much lower than excavating and installing new pipe from scratch. Additionally, a trenchless repair does not require that you remove:

  • sidewalks
  • lawn
  • landscaping
  • concrete pads

By not having to remove surface structures, you can save both time and money. Once the liner pipe has been installed, you will not have to do any additional repairs to bring your property back to its original state. This will save you from having to deal with additional costs and inconvenience.


Whether you choose a trenched or trenchless sewer main line repair, the most important thing is to fix your plumbing problem once and for all. A local plumbing contractor like Drain-O-Rooter can further advise you on your home's specific situation and assist you in making this important decision.