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3 Window Trimmings To Save You Money On Your Energy Bill

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As the weather begins warming up, you worry about what you are going to do to keep your heating and cooling bills down. For most homeowners, they are trying to save money at every turn. By making a few simple changes in your window treatments, you can keep more of your air inside and save on heating and air conditioning service and repair bills.

Stop losing money on your energy bill and start keeping it in your pocket by following the tips below.

Bring on the Drapes

Not only are drapes extremely simple to use and install, but they are also one of the most convenient methods for being able to save on your energy bill. Try getting a set of drapes in either grey, beige or similar moderate color. Opt for ones with a white plastic backing to help insulate the room further.

Beyond making your room look stylish, you will enjoy saving money on your energy bill each and every month and saving your HVAC unit from working too hard.

Time to Install Awnings

Even though awnings might be a little bit more difficult to hang than some drapes are, they are excellent for keeping your home nice and cool during the warm summer months. Consider installing them on the windows that face the south and the west to help cut down on the sun coming inside of your home the most. Opt for a lighter colored fabric to help provide you with the maximum amount of shade.

Maybe Exterior Shutters is What You Need

When all else fails, you can always turn to exterior shutters to get the job done for you. Even though they do require a certain degree of knowledge to install them properly, they can provide you with an exceptional means of cutting back on the amount of energy being lost in your home. The amount of heat gain these shutters can help with is phenomenal.

To make things even simpler for you, try getting a set of shutters that you can easily control from inside of the home. With louvered shutters, you can easily adjust them to let the air and sun in when you want it or close them to block it off during the cooler temperatures.

By implementing the tips above, you can save on your energy bill and overall wear and tear on your HVAC unit. You might be surprised at how much more efficient your unit is, as well as how many repairs you need over the course of the year.