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The Basics Of Marble Countertops For Your Kitchen

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There is a wide range of choices that a homeowner can make when it comes to installing countertops into their home. One of the most beautiful and unique choices is the installation of marble countertops. This is because marble countertops have a 3D depth, a wide range of colors to choose from, and a richness with fancy details in-laid in the stone. Here are some of the basics of marble to understand before you decide to have it installed in your kitchen:

High Maintenance

Yes, marble countertops are high maintenance and require special care. Marble is not resistant to staining, chips, or scratches. However, if you love marble countertops enough, with regular care from professionals, you can easily keep the marble looking beautiful for years to come. At least once a year, you can hire professionals to clean the marble, reseal it to prevent scratching, and make any repairs that need to be made. Repairs should only be handled by professionals since repairs on marble is usually a painstaking and difficult process that they are trained to handle.

Withstands Pressure

If you are someone who enjoys to cook often, you may be worried about all the scratching and chips that you can cause to the marble while working. However, marble is pretty resistant to heavy traffic. You can move things around a lot on the surface and shouldn't run into many problems. Just be sure that you are using the right protective gear, such as hot plates, cutting boards, and more. Also, marble is extremely resilient to heat, so you shouldn't be too worried about hot items touching the surface. However, using a hot plate is always recommended. 

Marble Tiling

With marble countertops comes a wide range of stylistic choices. One stylistic choice you can make is installing marble tiling for the countertops in your kitchen. This is probably one of the better choices if you want to save on the cost of repairs in the future since you can simply replace any of the tiles that are chipped or scratched instead of having to work to repair entire pieces of single sheets of marble countertops. Both repairs are difficult to make. However, the cost of the repairs is usually significantly less with marble tiling. 

By understanding the basics of marble kitchen countertops, you can be sure that you know whether or not this type of feature in the kitchen is the right choice for you. So long as you can hire professionals from places like All American Stone & Tile Care Inc. to clean and care for the marble on a regular basis, you should be able to keep the marble around for a long time to come.